Stone Circle


Double Spiral Labyrinth



Land Art Project

Welcome to our Land Art Project

Work began on our project back in 1997 when we first erected the Stone Circle. A horse shoe circle consisting of 12 granite boulders with a single granite boulder in the centre, making it 13. There is a single erect boulder just up the hill. A total of 14 boulders.

Since then, we have added the Spiral Labyrinth, made from long lengths of timber, that was first planted with Lavender plants. After some years the plants were removed and rocks added to the Spiral; notably local volcanic basalt columns.

Recently another batch of volcanic basalt columns, originally from the Glen Innes area were added.

We have now installed 2 Moongates made from old railway sleepers & steel rings to the entry & exit of the area.

We also have a Fire Pit in the area, that is interestingly made from an old mine sieve from the Inverell area. The Fire is used for Special Events.

There are also twin snake sculptures in the upper part of the area, that were created from all the basalt stones that we picked from the property over the years. These are currently off limits until further notice, as they are being cleaned & restored.

Guided Meditative Walks into our Art Project are a feature in some of our Mini Retreats.




You are welcome to visit our Land Art Project yourself when you are here for a Sound Event.

But please...

The Entry is ONLY through The Sound Sanctuary. So you MUST Check In with the Hosts before heading off across the land.

You Must stay within the designated area of the Land Art Project only and not wander on the rest of the property.

Enter through the first MoonGate, Walk the Spiral, Visit the Stone Circle & Exit through the Second MoonGate.

Take care, as it is always a work in progress.

Do not touch the rocks in the spiral as some are unstable.

The rabbits like to dig the ground and make it uneven, so watch your step!