Just some of our Testimonials for Valinor Sound Sanctuary Gentle Sound Relaxation

Esther ~ "It's always a magical experience. Beautiful. Transformative. Thankyou!"

Barb ~ "I love it all. Such deep true love"

Robyn ~ "What a beautiful, powerful experience!"

S. R. ~ "Inspirational experience. Thank you"

Arleen ~ "Was wonderful. I'll be back"

F.D. ~ "Beautiful as always. Thankyou"

Jody ~ "Wonderful, relaxing, uplifting experience. Thank you"

Denise ~ "Absolutely Beautiful. Thankyou!"

N.C. ~ "Divine & sublime - heavenly"

Deborah ~ "Thank you for opening a new door to healing"

Bev ~ "An amazing experience! You are fantastic! Thank you!"

Anna ~ "Thankyou so very much - so lovely"

G.H. ~ "Superb vibrations. Thank you!"

Sue ~ "An absolute delight & bliss - ahh!"

Kath ~ "Soothing & completely blissful"

Cheryl ~ "Thanks for sharing! Love it! Love it!"

J.B. ~"Thankyou, thank you. A lovely start to my birthday"

Clare ~ "Transported magically to another dimension!"

Jess ~ "So relaxing. Thank you"

Rob ~ "Amazing, quiet, calm place. Thank you"

Carolyne ~ "What a lovely experience. Beautiful home. Exceptional hosts. Thank you!"

Brenda ~ "That was a wonderful break for a body filled with pain. Thank you!"

Ruth ~ "Awesome! I will be back!"

W.H. ~ "A beautiful place, people, experience. Thank you"

Emily ~ "Very relaxing. I feel great!"

Sharon ~ "No words can describe...I'll be back!"

C.D. ~ "Very enlightening.Good medicine!"

F.A. ~ "All the sounds are amazing!"

Amber ~ "Thank you for an amazing experience"

Oliver ~ "This place is amazing"

R.D. ~ "Nothing short of Incredible!"

Georgina ~ "Always a pleasure, the sounds, the food, the company"

Arlene ~ "So transporting and Healing"

MB ~ "So, so relaxing, wonderful escape"

BS ~ "A most enjoyable day. Very relaxing"

YD ~ "Amazing place and meditation"

Jamie ~ "Nourishing, nurturing bathing of sacred sound"

MV ~ "Fulfilling and beautiful experience -Thank you!"

Irene ~  “Yesterday was extraordinarily peaceful. Thank you for organising the visit to Valinor and for fitting me in at the last minute. It's been a particularly hard week, and I was starting to feel really lost and unlucky, so the care, attention and therapeutic benefits of the music and lunch and wonderful company has helped in so many ways. Could you please pass on my deepest gratitude to Pat and Steve of Valinor and to the funding partners, I'm sure I am not being over dramatic in saying I think that yesterday saved my sanity! I am more than happy to share my testimony….. “