Soul Soothing Surround Sound Relaxation

Imagine your body bathed in exquisite sound...

...bathed in waves of peace... 

...bathed in magnificent vibrations...

Enter the Sound Sanctuary...to begin an epic  journey across a Soothing Sonic Soundscape.

Sit down, put your feet up, or lie back, close your eyes & relax. Gently allow yourself to let go & soar free, carried on the wings of these awesome instruments, throughout a colourful world of pure soundwaves. Follow the tinkling fairy chimes into the mystical forest...travel through the valleys & over the mountains, across the plains to the sea. Dive into the waves & bathe deep under the oceans, listen to the melancholic call of the whalesong. Now take a mystical journey out toward the stars, far into the mysterious cosmos & feel the sounds of creation resonate deep into your soul. In bliss, traverse the magical universe and return again through the centre of your heart...enjoy the feeling of being fulfilled.

 A Cosmic Concert where the therapeutic vibrations penetrate into the cells of your body to create harmony & balance within you & all around you whilst you are in a state of deep relaxed calm...

...experience the awe inspiring tones of...

*40 Magnificent Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls*

*12 Celestial Alchemy Gemstone Fused Crystal Singing Bowls including...

-Rose Quartz-Amethyst -Moldavite-Ruby-Emerald-* 

*The Angelic Crystal Lyre*

*5 Enormous Cosmic Gongs*

*13 Giant "Out of this World" Bar Chimes*

*9 Timeless Tibetan Bowls*

*3 Magical Crystal Singing Pyramids*

*The Mighty Thunder Drum*


*The Thunder Tube*


This is truly an amazing, mystical & awesome experience with no electronic amplification, just the pure tones of the instruments in a surround sound configuration...

...just sit or lie back & relax in our beautiful, specially built Garden Sound Sanctuary, & allow these amazing instruments to weave their beautiful magic on you...


"An important distinction between this sound modality and modern music... Music is organized sound that the brain can make sense of. It can easily follow where the notes are going, and expect the next one to be, where as working with unorganized sound brings the mind to the present moment, to the now. The cascading effect of an untamed scale brings the mind of a patient to “still point,” open to receive the energy flowing with the frequencies".


Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey or Pow Wow Journey.

A Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey or Pow Wow Journey may be booked alone or added to Private sessions.

Sometimes we add a Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey to our Monthly Public Sound Relaxation Sessions.

Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey...Relax back on a yoga mat on the grass, or a chair, if preferred, around the Mighty Thunder Drum & allow us to take you on a rhythmic journey deep into the heart of the Great Mother. Feel at one with the heartbeat of the earth. We also entrace you with the Rainsticks, Thunder Tube, Rattles and Harmonic Whirlies.

Pow Wow Journey...For those who can't resist but to join in on the Thunder Drum or with one of our hand held American Indian Style Drums as we get lost in the trance like beats together. Also you are welcome to try the Rainsticks, Thunder Tube, Rattles and Harmonic Whirlies.





Day or Evening Sound Relaxation followed by delicious & Hearty Luncheon or Supper of Vegetarian Soup of the Day served with homebaked Bread followed by Dessert of the Day with a Hot Beverage of your choice from our Mini Cafe.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan & other food requirements catered for if informed on booking.

Please allow up to 3 hours for these sessions...90min Gentle Soul Soothing Sound Journey & 90min Lunch/Supper

Maximum of 17 spaces.

*Please read details at bottom of this page before booking*


Public Sound Relaxation 


Our Next Soul Soothing Sound Relaxation is...

Saturday 22nd December. 7pm-10pm.

With Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey on the back deck, beginning at 6pm - 6.45pm

Or, if you prefer, just relax in our ancient Pyramid and soak up some pyramid power with the drum beats in the background. Pyramid open from 6pm. No extra charge for Pyramid or Thunder Drum Journey.

We will be sharing delicious homemade Green Vegetable Soup with Garlic, Parsley & Pinenut Pesto, served with homebaked Pesto Bread,

followed by Cherry Berry Parfaits with Cream, Coconut Cream, home made Yoghurt and homemade Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream!  Finish with a Hot Beverage of your choice.

All of this for just $50pp.






 These sessions are perfect for Special Occasions such as Family Gatherings, Birthday Celebrations, Work Parties, a Unique Get-Together with friends, to say 'Thankyou', or just Pure Indulgence for yourself, or yourself & your partner, or a few close friends & family...

We accept bookings from 10am - 6pm. 7 Days - depending on availability.

 *Please read details at bottom of this page before attending*


Private Sound Relaxation


*Private Sound Relaxation for 1 person ~ $75 (60mins) ~ $90 (90mins)

...for 2 people ~ $65pp (90mins)

...for 3 people ~ $55pp (90mins)

...for 4 - 6 people ~ $45pp (90mins)

...for 7-11 people ~ $35pp (90mins)

...for 12-17 people ~ $30pp (90 mins) 

With Afternoon Tea of Hot Beverage & Cake ~ Add $10pp and 30mins (1-17 people)

With 2 Course Vegetarian Lunch/Supper & Hot Beverage ~ Add $20pp and 60mins.

(Meals available for 4 - 17 people only)


Private Thunder Drum Dreaming/Pow Wow Journey


- Private Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey/Pow Wow Journey for 1 person ~ $65 (60mins)

... for 2 people ~ $50pp (60mins)

...for 3 people ~ $40pp (60mins)

...for 4 - 6 people ~ $30pp (60mins)

...for 7 - 11 people ~ $25pp (60mins)

...for 12 - 17 people ~ $20pp (60mins)

With Afternoon Tea of Hot Beverage & Cake ~ Add $10pp and 30mins (1 - 17 people)

With 2 course Vegetarian Lunch/Supper & Hot Beverage ~ Add $20pp and 60mins

(Meals available for 4 - 17 people only)


Private Sound Relaxation with Thunder Drum Dreaming/Pow Wow Journey


*Private Sound Relaxation with Thunder Drum Dreaming/Pow Wow Journey for 1 person ~ $135 (2hrs)

...for 2 people ~ $110pp (2.5hrs)

...for 3 people ~ $90pp (2.5hrs)

...for 4 - 6 people ~ $70pp (2.5hrs)

...for 7 - 11 people ~ $55pp (2.5hrs)

...for 12 - 17 people ~ $45pp (2.5hrs)

With Afternoon Tea of Hot Beverage & Cake ~ Add $10pp and 30mins (1 - 17 people)

With 2 course Vegetarian Lunch/Supper & Hot Beverage ~ Add $20pp and 60 mins

(Meals available for 4 - 17 people only)





PLEASE READ DETAILS before attending a Public & Private Sound Relaxation Session....

*Bookings are essential, we usually do not have space for drop-ins.

*If you need to cancel for any reason please can you let me know ASAP. Cancellations within 24hrs before the event may still incur a charge if the space cannot be filled. For our Public Sessions & some Private Sessions that have requested meals, we shop for, & cook food especially for the bookings and as well, it is very difficult to fill empty spaces in the Public Sessions less than 24hrs before the event. A “no show” to the event without informing us, will result in permanent removal from our subscriber list and you will also be unable to book for future events. If you are unable to make it for any reason, please have the courtesy to inform us of your intentions, as, if you have booked a space, we expect you to arrive, & this also keeps the other guests waiting.      

*Please arrive 15mins - 30mins prior to settle in before the Sound Immersion begins. 

*Allow yourself plenty of time to travel...if you are late, you will disturb the other participants, once the session has begun. If you are late, & need to enter after the session has begun, please do so quietly & respectfully. For your first visit, you need to allow at least 30mins to travel from Armidale or Uralla.

*Please turn off mobile phones on entry to avoid disturbances throughout the session.

*It is a good idea to bring a torch to the evening sessions to easily find your way back to your car.

*Children are welcome to attend public sessions, provided they are able to remain reasonably still & not disturb the other participants. There is a tucked away cubby space suitable for a child & parent, or 2 children. If the child shares the space with a parent, or 2 children share the space, the cost is half price for the child. If the child takes a space to themselves, then the cost is full price. Children are very welcome to attend your Private Session. Children must be supervised by parent or carer at all times.

*We provide Lounge Seating with Footstools or very comfortable Floor Mattresses all with Pillows & Blanket. In winter, the Garden Sound Sanctuary is heated & we provide warm doonas.

*If it is your first time attending it may be a good idea to get a position up the back or not close to the instruments.

*Wear shoes that are easy to remove & comfortable clothing that allow you to relax. It is a good idea not to have too much caffiene or food before a sound spa...it may impede your ability to relax. Make certain you have had sufficient water to drink on that day. 

*We supply drinking water or you may bring your own.

*Lunch/Supper is Home Cooked at Valinor. Valinor is a registered kitchen with a Food Safety Supervisor & Certified First Aider in attendance.

*Please...If you have any food allergies or preferences eg. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Nut Free, Egg Free or anything at all...You need to let me know at time of booking so I can adjust the recipes to suit all as I cannot produce alternatives without notice. You need to remind me of this each time you book as I cannot be certain to remember everyone’s special needs.

*If you have a pacemaker it is not a good idea to attend these sessions. Please inform us of any health issues you may have. Especially if you have any concerns. 

*Please be aware that the sessions can shift energies in your energy field, and that may exacerbate physical or emotional issues, possibly increasing symptoms and/or pain & sometimes causing discomfort before bringing relief. However, this is certainly not always the case.

*If it is your first time attending, it is a good idea to get a space up the back or not close to the instruments.

*If you have any issues or concerns, or unsure of anything, please discuss with us before attending.

*Please subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter to be the first to receive updates on our upcoming events. 

Enjoy your Sound Relaxation!