Take some time out to enjoy one of these exclusive, unique, ultimate, luxurious, pampering experiences in our Valinor Rainforest Rooms, using our exclusive hand made Body Pampering, Cleansing & Detox Products...




Harmonic Feet Treat Mini Rainforest Retreat for 1 Guest

...gentle relaxing healing time out...

For 1 person your Harmonic Feet Treat in the Rainforest Room includes...

* A Detoxifying Foot Spa with a Herbal & Mineral Foot Treatment with Peppermint & Rosemary Essential Oils. 20 mins.

A Luxurious Foot Massage Treatment with soothing Lavender essential oil massage oil blend. The Unique Foot Massage is conducted using implements such as - a Seashell, Warm Stones, CrystaMassage Wands and a specially crafted Accupressure Wand that is used on general Pressure points. The combination of which gives a unique and overall delightfully soothing experience. 50 mins.

* A Sound Healing Treatment with Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Crystal Tuning Forks, Practitioner Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowl, Crystal Pyramid, Crystal Lyre & Harmonic Chimes. 30 mins.

* Your Body is then wrapped in The Harmony Energy Blanket for some gentle recovery & restoration. 5-10 mins.

* Cup of Tea if desired

1 Person. Allow 2.5 hours. $200

  ...for 2 Guests...

There are extra activities for 2 guests.

Both guests enjoy a Harmonic Feet Treat by swapping activities halfway.

While waiting enjoy quiet activities such as -

* Colour a Mandala

* Crystal & Copper BioCircuit - Healing Layout in the Pyramid Room

* Gently Playing Crystal Bowls & a Gong

* Walk the Moongate Spiral Labyrinth

* Refreshments on the verandah, deck, or in the dining room

2 people. Allow 4.5 hours. $225







Dreaming LiTya (Dreaming of the Earth)

Merge your body & soul with the raw cleansing elements of Earth & Water.

Your Dreaming LiTya experience includes...

* A Standing or Sitting Tibetan Bowl Balance in the Enormous Tibetan Bowl 10mins

* A Luxurious Detoxifying & Healing Raw Mineral Bath in Clay, Herbs & Magnesium in the Rainforest 60mins

* Self Applied Raw Clay Facial Mask in bath.

* Herbal Body Rinse in the outdoor Shower Hut 15mins

* A 'Sound Storm' Soundscape with Rainsticks, Hand Held Drum, Thunder tubes, Rattles & Ocean Drum - up close while you lie back & relax in the Rainforest Massage Room with Raw stones laid out around your body. 30 mins

* You are then wrapped in the Energy Blanket for a few minutes of gentle recovery. 5-10 mins.

* Cup of Tea before departing, if desired.

1 Guest. Allow up to 2hours & 30mins. $230

2 Guests. Extra Activities as above and a Light Lunch Included. 5-6hrs. $265pp