Events for 2024...
***Please note that all dates and times are subject to change or cancellation*** 


Sunday Lunchtime Sound Relaxation with Lunch

3hr Session 6 Weekly



*90 Minute Sound Relaxation in the Sound Sanctuary

*2 Course Vegetarian Lunch/Supper of Soup of the Day served with Bread of the Day or GF Soda Bread, followed by Dessert of the Day or Fruit Salad served with Cream or DF Coconut Cream & finish with your choice of Beverage from our Mini Cafe.

- $45pp

13 Spaces

25th February 11am-2pm (Full Moon)

14th April 11am-2pm (First Quarter Moon)

26th May 11.30am-2.30pm (Full Moon)

14th July 11.30am-2.30pm (First Quarter Moon) 

1st September 11am-2pm (New Moon)

20th October 11am-2pm (Full Moon)

1st December 11am-2pm (New Moon)




Saturday Evening Seasonal Sound Journey with Supper

There are 8 of these Seasonal Events annually and they occur approximately once every 6 weeks. They are timed to the beginning and midpoint of each season and the corresponding colour.

4hr Session 6 Weekly



*A Short Seasonal Contemplation in the Crystal Circle on the Deck with featured Crystal Bowl.

*Labyrinth Walk - or if mobility is an issue - stay inside and explore some interesting passive healing activities - (#Solstices and Equinoxes only)

*A 45 minute Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey.

*A 75 minute Sound Relaxation.

*Seasonal/Colour Themed 2 course Vegetarian Supper with Cafe Beverage-

13 Spaces

Transition to Autumn 3rd February 5.30pm-9.30pm (3rd Quarter Moon)

Mid Autumn Equinox 23rd March 5pm-9pm (Full Moon)

Transition to Winter 4th May (Third Quarter Moon) 5pm-9pm

Mid Winter Solstice - See Full Day Retreat

Transition to Spring 3rd August 5pm-9pm (New Moon)

Mid Spring Equinox 21st September 5pm-9.30pm (Full Moon)

Transition to Summer 2nd November 5.30pm-9.30pm (New Moon)

Mid Summer Solstice 21st December 5.45pm-10.15pm (Third Quarter Moon) 




Mid-Winter Solstice Full Day Detox Retreat 

Our Annual Full Day Retreat 



*Seasonal Contemplation 

*Outdoor Dragon Fire

*Ceremony of Smudging

*Guided Walking Meditation through the Moon Gates, Spiral Labyrinth and Stone Circle

*Healthful Morning Tea

*Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey 60mins

*Sound Relaxation 90mins

*Long Lazy Lunch with a Cleansing Menu

*Crystal Singing Bowl Circle

13 Spaces

Full Day Saturday 22nd June 9.30am-4.30pm (Full Moon)





The epicentre of what we do here at Valinor.

Join us. Relax, sit or lie back, as we take you on a soul soothing journey of epic proportions. Across a soundscape of colour & light. Transported to another time, another world, another place, on the waves of these extraordinary instruments...

Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Cosmic Gongs. Gemstone & Quartz Singing Bowls. Timeless Tibetan Singing Bowls. The Crystal Lyre, Crystal Pyramids & more...

The journey begins...the tinkling chimes call you enter the portal....align with the sonic heart...slowly we travel across the plains...through the sacred forest...feel the life there...over the mountains...through the the ocean....dive beneath the waves...deep down...where the whales are...soothed by their mystical voices...those universal voices...deep underground...rumbling vibration of the lava high into the sky...hear them & wild...on & up...explode into the magical universe...experience the birth of one with the very sounds of creation...then a soothing beyond are called home...tinkling bells...the return to your centre...

This is an experience you will not forget and you will wish it never had to end...

No amplification. No electronics. Just the pure tones of the amazing instruments.

Sound bathing helps to heal your body by reducing stress & anxiety, impacts the human nervous system and decreases blood pressure, helps tune out your thoughts to make beneficial meditation easier, assists connection to inner self to access healing & insight, makes you more relaxed, balanced & focused.


The drum unites all people as one. 

Sit back and relax, and we will take you on a mystical rhythmic voyage. On a journey - beyond the veils and across an ancient soundscape that draws you back, back to the magical inner regions of Earth, Self and Beyond...

As the tempo builds, give yourself to the earthy pulse that echoes the source of our true nature and joins us to the heartbeat of the earth. Just relax and soak up the beats and allow it to wash over you, liberate you from your worries and cares...

Do you have a life question? A request? Give it to the trance flow and let it go... 

Thus, we enter Thunder Drum Dreaming...a celebration of the earth, a dreamy journey that features the mighty Thunder Drum, the Kangaroo Skin Drum, Rattles, Ocean Drum, Thundertubes and Rainsticks.

Drum Journeying is believed to assist one to reconnect to one's inner self, enhance our self empowerment and creative expression, enables ability to gain insight to personal issues to access help & personal healing, heighten our sense of life attain inner connection, dream states, healing and trance induction.