Valinor Sound Journey Events

"The Alchemy of Sound, Colour, Fragrance, Sustenance & Company for Heath, Transformation & Well-Being..." 



Our Next Sound Shower...*Only 4 Spaces Left*

Limited to just 14 spaces

Sunday 29th May 2.30pm-4.30pm


You are invited to an Afternoon Sound Shower at Valinor Sound Sanctuary.

Includes a 60 minute Sound Relaxation with our beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls, Cosmic Gongs and more.

Followed by a lovely Afternoon Tea of Cinnamon Tea Cake as well as Crackers, Crudités & Dip with a Beverage from our Mini Cafe.



Wheel of the Year Sound Journeys
Eight annual Events in the journey of the Mighty Wheel of the Year, as we follow the story of the changing seasons. 
Our next Event on the Wheel of the Year is...

Yule - The Mid-Winter Solstice

Limited to just 14 spaces. 

Saturday 18th June 5pm - 9pm.


Join us for an extraordinary evening as we reach this turning point and honour the longest darkest night of the year…

“Dark is the night as we reach this turning point…and the light is reborn…”

The colour of the Winter Solstice is Blue. The note is G. The Throat is the focus.

The featured crystal singing bowl is the Egyptian Blue Faience Bowl.

The sun is reborn anew as he begins his journey again, towards the summer months

Included in your Mini Evening Retreat…

*Seasonal Colour & Sound Contemplation.

*30 minute Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey with the magnificent Thunder Drum and more…

*90 minute Sound Relaxation in the Sound Sanctuary- an epic journey across a beautiful soundscape with our magical Crystal Singing Bowls, Cosmic Gongs & more…

*Delicious special homemade & home baked Yule Solstice Fare, with a Gentle Detox Theme, served to you in the dining room. 

This Menu is GF DF V

-Warm Norfolk Punch with Blueberries 

-Ayurvedic Style Healing Kitchari Soup

-Anti-Inflammatory Detox Bread

-Warm Winter Kapha Apples and Blueberry🫐with Coconut Cream & Maple Syrup.

Range of Detox Teas.

*Each guest receives a small gift.



Our Next Sound Relaxation

Limited to just 14 spaces

Sunday 10th July 11.30am-2.30pm


You are invited to our next Sound Relaxation at Valinor Sound Sanctuary.

A 90 minute Soul Soothing Sound Relaxation with our magnificent Crystal Singing Bowls, Cosmic Gongs, Enormous Chimes, the Crystal Lyre and more...

Followed by a delicious vegetarian Lunch of Hearty Lentil & Vegetable Soup served with Garlic & Herb Bread, followed by Banana Cake with Crumble Topping served with Cream, then your choice of Beverage from our Mini Cafe





Public Events Explained

***Unfortunately Public Sessions Are Not Suitable for Children Under 16 Years***

A Sound Shower...These events include a 60 minute Sound Relaxation followed by Afternoon Tea/Snacks. Allow 2hrs for these events. $40pp.

A Sound Relaxation...Included is a 90 minute Sound Relaxation followed by 2 course Vegetarian/Vegan Supper or Lunch. Evening or Day Sessions.
Allow up to
3hrs for these events. $60pp.

A Wheel of the Year Sound Journey...8 Sessions each year, approx every 6-7 weeks. Saturday Evening session. Includes - Seasonal & Sound Contemplation. 30 minute Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey. 90 minute Sound Relaxation with Crystal Singing Bowls & Gongs. 2 course Seasonal or Colour Themed Vegetarian Supper. Allow 4hrs for these events. $80pp

Special Events...As advised

Please see further information below...




The epicentre of what we do here at Valinor.

Join us. Relax, sit or lie back, as we take you on a soul soothing journey of epic proportions. Across a soundscape of colour & light. Transported to another time, another world, another place, on the waves of these extraordinary instruments...

Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Cosmic Gongs. Gemstone & Quartz Singing Bowls. Timeless Tibetan Singing Bowls. The Crystal Lyre, Crystal Pyramids. The Mighty Thunder Drum. The Ocean Drum. Enormous Tuned Chimes. Rain Sticks. Rattles. Bells. Thunder Tube and more...

Enter the portal. Align with the heartbeat of the earth. Travel across the plains, through the forest, over the mountains to the ocean. Dive deep beneath the waves, swim with the whales, listen to their mystical voices. Fly high into the sky and out into the magical universe. Experience the birth of stars, feel the very sounds of creation itself. Tinkling fairy chimes & bells, return you to the centre of your own heart.

This is an experience you will not forget and you will wish it never had to end...

No amplification. No electronics. Just the pure tones of the amazing instruments.

Sound bathing helps to heal your body by reducing stress & anxiety, impacts the human nervous system and decreases blood pressure, helps tune out your thoughts to make beneficial meditation easier, assists connection to inner self to access healing & insight, makes you more relaxed, balanced & focussed.



Thunder Drum Pow Wow Journey is generally during the warmer months...a celebration of the Earth...we gather around the Mighty Thunder Drum on the outside deck and grass. Sit or lie down and give yourself to the earthy, rhythmic beat that echoes the source of our true nature and joins us to the heartbeat of the earth. Just relax and soak up the rhythmic beats.The drum unites all people as one. 

A 30 minute drum journey that features the Thunder Drum. American Indian style hand held Drums. Rattles, Thundertubes, Rainsticks & Harmonic Whirlies.

Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey This is usually an indoor journey during the cooler months, with a gentler feel, where guests sit back and relax while we take you on a mystical rhythmic journey with sound effects across an ancient inner soundscape that takes you to the inner regions of Earth, Self and Beyond....Thus, we enter Thunder Drum Dreaming.

A 30 minute drum journey that features the Thunder Drum. American Indian style hand held Drums. Rattles, Bells, Ocean Drum, Thundertubes and  Rainsticks.


Drum Journeying is believed to assist one to reconnect to one's inner self, enhance our self empowerment and creative expression, enables ability to gain insight to personal issues to access help & personal healing, heighten our sense of life purpose.  

*If the weather is bad for the outside sessions, we will enjoy Thunder Drum Dreaming indoors.




Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to experience the healing energies of our pyramid room, or visit it at the end of the retreat before you head home.

Built some years ago now, the pyramid was created to scaled sacred geometric specifications of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Pyramids have long been known to emit mystical healing & uplifting energies. Sacred Geometry, along with Sacred Sound & Light (Colour) are the expressions of the creative universe.

We have chairs & cushions in there for your comfort. There is even a small crystal singing bowl that may be played gently by our guests. And we have Colour Therapy Jars for you to experience for yourself the combined power of pyramid, colour & quiet contemplation.

We ask that silence is maintained while in the pyramid out of respect toward those who are reflecting quietly.

"Pyramid Meditation is believed to achieve deeper meditation, improve eyesight & hearing, lower high blood pressure, relieve insomnia, arthritis & headaches, faster healing for sores & broken bones, improves memory & increase confidence levels, increase energy levels, balance hormones, improves concentration & understanding" 

You are welcome to try it for yourself.







After your Sound Session, enter our Dining Room & enjoy a delicious & nutritious home cooked vegetarian meal that is created here at Valinor. 

Included in Public Retreats & may be added as an option with Private Retreats.

Sound Shower - Afternoon Tea of Home Baked Cake served with Cream or Coconut Cream. Crudites (vegetable sticks) with GF V DF Dip, and a Beverage of choice from our Mini Cafe Bar.

Sound Relaxation - 2 Course Meal of Tasty Vegetarian Soup of the day, home baked specialty Bread of the day or Special Order Single Serve GF Soda Bread, gorgeous Homebaked Cake/Dessert or Special Order GF V DF Single Serve Dessert or Fresh Fruit Salad and a Beverage of your choice from the menu of our Mini Cafe Bar.

Sound Journey - Seasonal/Colour Themed 2 Course Meal consisting of Herbal Punch, Seasonal Vegetarian Soup served with Home Baked Seasonal Specialty Bread or Special Order GF Soda Bread, Home baked Seasonal Cake or Special Order DF V GF Single Serve Dessert or Fresh Fruit Salad and a Beverage of your choice from our Mini Cafe. 

Special Dietary Requirements are catered for if informed on booking

Specual Order is an extra $5pp.