Available for 1 ~ 15 guests


 These sessions are perfect for Special Occasions such as

*Family Gatherings

*Birthday Celebrations

*Work Staff Parties

*A Unique Get-Together with friends

*To say 'Thankyou'

*Or just Pure Indulgence for yourself

*Or yourself & your partner

*Or a few close friends & family

*Children are Welcome

*School Groups 

*Special Groups

*With or Without a Meal or Afternoon Tea

Take a look at our Options below.

We accept bookings from 10am - 5pm. 7 Days - depending on availability.

Please read our 'Important Information' page before making a booking.







Private Sound Relaxation


Private Sound Relaxation with the beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls, Cosmic Gongs, Chimes, Crystal Lyre & more.

60 minute sessions (allow 75mins)

90 minute session (allow 105mins)

...for 1 guest ~ $90 (75mins) ~ $110 (105mins)

...for 2 guests ~ $65pp (75mins) ~ $75pp (105mins) 

...for 3 guests ~ $55pp (75mins) ~ $65pp (105mins)

...for 4-8 guests ~ $45pp (75mins) ~ $55pp (105mins) 

...for 9-15 guests ~ $40pp (75mins) ~ $45pp (105mins)

...for Children 5-15 years with an Adult ~ $25 per child 


Private Thunder Drum Journey

A 60 minute drum journey that features the mighty Thunder Drum. American Indian style hand held Drums with beaters. Rattles, Bells, Thundertubes, Rainsticks & the Ocean Drum.

Thunder Drum Pow Wow Journey is only available during the warmer months - We gather around the mighty Thunder Drum on the outside deck and grass. We begin with the Ceremony of Smudging...a short cleansing ceremony that cleanses the body & mind, leaving you feeling refreshed & ready to start over. Then we sit or lie down, relax and give over to the earthy, rhythmic beat that echoes the source of our true nature and joins us to the heartbeat of the earth. The mighty Thunder Drum speaks.

Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey  This is an indoor journey, with a gentler feel. Perfect during the cooler months, but available all year round. We begin with a short Aromatherapeutic session. The scent of essential oils will help you to relax and focus. Sit or lie back and relax while we take you on a mystical rhythmic journey with sound effects across an ancient inner soundscape that takes you to the inner regions of Earth, Self and Beyond....Thus, we enter Thunder Drum Dreaming.

Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey OR Thunder Drum Pow Wow Journey (60 minutes)

...for 2 guests ~ $60pp

...for 3 guests ~ $50pp

...for 4-8 guests ~ $40pp

...for 9-15 guests ~ $35pp

...for Children 5-15 years with an Adult ~ $20 per child.


Private Sound Relaxation and Thunder Drum Journey

Includes Thunder Drum Journey and 75 or 105 minute Sound Relaxation

...for 2 guests ~ $120pp (2&1/4hrs) ~ $130pp (2hrs 45mins)  

...for 3 guests ~ $100pp (2&1/4hrs) ~ $110 (2hrs 45mins)

...for 4-8 guests ~ $80pp (2&1/4hrs) ~ $90pp (up to 3hrs)

Hi aa...for 9-15 guests ~ $70pp (2&1/4hrs) ~ $75pp (3hrs)

...for Children 5-15 years ~ $40 per child 



Dining Options

Tea/Herbal Tea Only ~ Add $5pp & 15-20mins for 1-15 guests

Afternoon Tea of Cafe Beverage & Cake ~ Add $15pp & 30mins for 2-15 guests.  

2 Course Vegetarian Lunch/Supper with Cafe Beverage ~ Add $30pp & 45-60 mins. For 4-15 guests. 



School Groups

1 Hour Session includes 

...a talk on the instruments 

...a mini sound relaxation

...hands on the instruments 

~ $10 per student/teacher

all ages welcome

minimum of 10 students required. Maximum of 20.


Special Needs Groups

1 hour Session tailored to your needs


minimum of 10 guests required. Maximum 15.