Available for 1 ~ 15 guests


 These sessions are perfect for any occasion such as...

*Family Gatherings

*Birthday Celebrations

*Work Staff Parties

*A way to Thank your staff/workmates

*Special Occasions

*A Unique Get-Together with friends

*To say 'Thankyou'

*Pure Indulgence for yourself

*Pure Indulgence for yourself & your partner

*A few close friends & family

*Just for the Experience

*Children are Welcome

*School Groups 

*Special Groups

*With or Without a Meal or Afternoon Tea

Take a look at our Options below.

We accept bookings from 10am - 4pm. 7 Days - depending on availability.

Please read our 'Important Information' page before making a booking.







Private Sound Relaxation

Private Sound Relaxation in the Sound Sanctuary with the beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls, Cosmic Gongs, Chimes, Crystal Lyre & more.

*60 minute sessions (allow 90mins)  ~  #90 minute session (allow 2hrs )

...for 1 guest ~ $90* ~ $110#

...for 2 guests ~ $65pp* ~ $75pp# 

...for 3 guests ~ $55pp*  ~ $65pp# 

...for 4-8 guests ~ $45pp*  ~ $55pp# 

...for 9-15 guests ~ $40pp*  ~ $45pp# 

...for Children 5-14 years with an Adult ~ $25 per child 


Private Thunder Drum Journey

A 60 minute session that features the mighty Thunder Drum. The Kangaroo Drum. Rattles, Bells, Thundertubes, Rainsticks & the Ocean Drum. 

Includes a short Aromatherapy Relaxation session to begin.

Thunder Drum Dreaming Journey (45 minute session. Allow up to 75 minutes depending on number of guests)

...for 1 guest. ~ $75

...for 2 guests ~ $55pp

...for 3 guests ~ $50pp

...for 4-8 guests ~ $40pp

...for 9-15 guests ~ $35pp

...for Children 5-14 years with an Adult ~ $20 per child.


Private Sound Relaxation and Thunder Drum Journey

Includes 45 minute Thunder Drum Journey and *60 or

#90 minute Sound Relaxation. Allow 2.5 - 3 hrs for these sessions.

...for 2 guests ~ $110pp* ~ $120pp #  

...for 3 guests ~ $100pp* ~ $110#

...for 4-8 guests ~ $80pp* ~ $90pp#

...for 9-15 guests ~ $70pp* ~ $75pp#

...for Children 5-14 years ~ $40 per child 


Dining Options

Tea/Herbal Tea & Biscuits Only ~ Add $10pp & 45mins for 1-15 guests

Afternoon Tea of Cafe Beverage & Homebaked Cake ~ Add $20pp & 1hr for 2-15 guests.  

2 Course Vegetarian Lunch/Supper with Cafe Beverage ~ Add $35pp & 90 mins. For 4-15 guests.

Includes Catering for all *Special Food Requirements eg; *GF/*DF/*V/*Other.

*All Special Food Requirements must be ordered on booking. 


 Guided Walking Meditation through the Land Art Project

Includes Smudging with Sage.

Guided Walking Meditation.

A Guided Walking Meditation through MoonGates, into the Spiral Labyrinth & the Stone Circle Land Art Project.

The Walk is accompanied by the Kangaroo Drum, Crystal Bowl & Harmonic Instruments.

~ Add 60 minutes &...

...$35pp for 2-3 guests

...$30pp for 4-8 guests

...$20pp for 9-15 guests 


...Free to Walk unguided before or after your session


School Groups

1 Hour Session includes 

...a talk on the instruments 

...a mini sound relaxation

...hands on the instruments 

~ $10 per student/teacher

all ages welcome

minimum of 10 students required. Maximum of 20.


Special Needs Groups

1 hour Session tailored to your needs


minimum of 10 guests required. Maximum 15.