Mothers Angels


Our own exclusive Luxurious Healing & Pampering Body Detox Products.

Containing Natural Healing Clays, Salts, Herbs, Spices & Essential Oils.

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Indian Healing Clay Mousse


A deep cleansing healing clay face & body mask. Soothes & heals many skin irritations & conditions.

Contains Calcium Bentonite Clay & Living Water. 200ml jar $25






Healing Clay Water


Gently soothes & heals skin & eye irritations.

Contains Montmorillonite Clay & Living Water.

100ml Bottle $12






Detox Bath & Shower Body Treat


Gorgeous blends of natural raw ingredients, including healing & cleansing clays, mineral salts, exotic herbs & spices and essential oils.

Turn your bathroom into a Day Spa Retreat and treat yourself to this luxurious body treatment.

Relaxing, soothing, healing, ease your tensions away...

Submerge, close your eyes, now be transported to the exotic east, or a fragrant country garden, a tropical paradise, or the Australian bush.

Neatly packed in a 100% cotton pouch for use in bath or as a shower scrub. Includes a tumbled semi-precious gemstone. There are 9 blends to choose from.

One Use Only Bath/Shower Body Treat $16.50


Relaxing Country Garden - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Rose Petals, Organic Rolled Oats, Kaolin Clay, Wheat Germ Oil. Essential Oils & Herbs - Lavender, Calendula Flower, Rose Geranium, Thyme, Rosemary, Cornflowers, Elderflower, Rose, Carnation.

Sacred Journey - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Pastel Pink Clay, Himalayan Salt, Rose Petals, Volcanic Ash, Agnihotra Ash. Essential Oils - Ylang Ylang, Nag Champa, Pink Lotus, Jasmine, Sandalwood. 

Dreaming LiTya Australian Dreamtime - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Australian Clay blend - Black, Reef Red, Blue, Olive Green, Kaolin. Raw Honey, Green Tea, Kelp Powder. Essential Oils & Herbs - Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Australian Mint Balm Bush, Manuka Tree.

Balinese Boreh Winter Warming - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Rice Powder, Organic Rice. Essential Oils & Spices - Sandalwood, Clove, Cinnamon, Coriander, Ginger, Tumeric, Nutmeg. 

Warm Indian Ubtan - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Gram Flour, Milk Powder, Agnihotra Ash, Mustard Powder. Herbs , Spices & Essential Oils - Sandalwood, Tumeric, Nutmeg, Saffron, Cumin. 

Exotic Moroccan Style - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Dead Sea Salt, Ghassoul Clay, Rose Petals, Dead Sea Mineral Mud. Spices & Essential Oils - Allspice, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves, Frankincense. 

Ye Olde New England Herbal - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Celtic Sea Salt. Herbs & Essential Oils - Nettle, Yarrow, Thyme, Plantain, Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Calendula, Chamomile, Sage, Clary Sage, Lavender. 

 Luxurious Sensual Eastern - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Milk Powder, Himalayan Salt, Jasmine Flowers, Rose Petals, Patchouli Flowers, Neem Leaf, Sandalwood, Ghee, Vanilla. 

Tropical Summer Paradise - Calcium Bentonite Clay, Coconut Milk Powder, Ocean Salt, Jasmine Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Shredded Coconut, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter. Essentials Oils - Ylang Ylang, Frangipani, Vanilla, Lime.