Dreaming LiTya Hot Body Detox Treat


For a most luxurious body experience, come try a Dreaming LiTya Hot Body Detox Treat.

LiTya is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning Earth. Dreaming LiTya is Earth Dreaming...

and a very earthy experience it is.

Set aside yourself some 'me' time - to luxuriate your body in earthy beats, clays & salts from the earth & ocean, herbs & spices from mother nature and fragrances from heaven!


Your Dreaming LiTya Hot Body Detox Treat consists of...

* Self applied Hot Body Clay Treat in the Rainforest Hot Room with a Floral Herbal Body Wash

* Warm Bath in the outside Rainforest Bathtub with "Mothers Angels" Clays, Salts, Herbs & Spices Body Detox Treat with Essential Oils

* Refreshing Shower in the Rainforest Shower with Wellness Water Mineral Filter.

* Dreaming LiTya Drum Journey. Your body is engulfed in American Indian style Drumbeats, Rainstick, Rattle & Thunder Tube, while you relax on the massage table in the Rainforest Room

2 Hours. $120.

*Also you may include a Foot Treat Massage.

Add another 40mins and $40. Total time 2 hrs40 mins. Total cost $160.


Your Body will thank you for such a restorative soul healing experience...