Learn To Energy Divine or Dowse


The Art of Dowsing or Divining is a tool for personal growth that compliments and enhances any healing modality
I have been a Dowser for 28 years.
I have found underground water many times and had many many confirmations of my energetic findings.
The world of Dowsing has far more applications than just finding underground water.
Learn all about the sea of energy that surrounds us...
Natural Earth Energies
Technological Energies
Metaphysical Energies
Everything is Energy.
When we Dowse, we Dowse on Energy.
So one can Dowse on anything that is Energy
Everything is Energy
Let me show you the way into the world of Dowsing...
Maybe you or a loved one could be suffering from Geopathic Stress? Let me show you how to avoid or alleviate this issue.
Unwanted Energies in your home? I can show you how to clear it.
Looking for underground water? I can show you how.
Learn how to use a Pendulum and Rod.
Free Gift with each Level
I had 3 grandfathers. One was a Dowser fresh from England, who established an orchard, another was an aboriginal man who I never knew. The other was also a local farmer.
I never knew my grandmothers as they passed when I was a baby & before I was born. So these men influenced my life greatly, and I have a lovely connection to our local land.
In 1995 I was drawn to attend a 2 week workshop called Healing for the 21st Century, taught by a man called Eric Dowsett (his real name believe it or not!), who is an internationally renowned Dowser, now known for his energy clearing work, for over 35 years.
I also attended a Professional Dowsing Course in Melbourne in 2003 taught by Stream of Life.

I found that I had an exceptional connection to this modality and pursued and perfected my abilities over the years.

Energy work of this kind can be very draining on the individual, so I have slowed down over the years. I did offer Home & Business Clearings and teach workshops a long time ago but there has been a big gap and I never thought of teaching others again until just recently, when I felt a strong call to do this.
When I revisited my materials and from within the far corners of my mind from long ago, I realised that this information is well worth sharing, and much needed for our beloved earth right now.
So here we are ♥️
I’m do hope you can join me on this journey 🙂
I promise you will be amazed



Workshop Dates for 2024

First Round

Level 1 Saturday 6th April

Level 2 Saturday 11th May

Level 3 Saturday 3rd June 



Cost is $250 per Level or pay for the 3 Levels together and receive a $50 discount

You need to commit to Level 1 and Level 2. Level 3 is optional.

It is optimum to do the 2 or 3 Levels in a round.

However, if this is not possible, you may complete your Levels in another round if a date suits better.


Limited to 6 Students for optimal assistance.

9am - 6pm


Included in all Workshops…

*Lunch and Morning & Afternoon Tea

*Information sheets/booklet.

*Copper Pendulum & Copper Rod (Level 1 only)
*Free Gift Levels 2 & 3.

*Practical demonstrations & practical learning.

*Follow up assistance post workshop.

*Also included in the cost of the day is a 50 minute Sound Relaxation in the evening at 6.15pm with our crystal singing bowls & cosmic gongs if you’d like to stay for that.

 $250Payable by the date of the workshop.

May be paid in increments.

Facilitated by Pat Edwards - Dowser of almost 30 years experience.




What we will endeavour to cover in the day…

*Introduction to Energy Dowsing and Divining.

*How to use a Pendulum and Rod to Dowse or Divine.

* Discovering and making sense of the sea of earth energies around us. How to Dowse on Geophysical Energy such as finding underground water.

*How to utilise Dowsing Electromagnetic Energy to keep you and your home environment safe.

*How to use Dowsing as a tool to connect to the spiritual world and assisting in discerning metaphysical energies.

*What is Geopathic Stress? And how to avoid it. 


The second Workshop is only open to those who have completed Level 1.

On this day we will be taking our basic knowledge a bit further…

*Recap and Discussion.

*Dowsing on Chi or Life Force Energy.

*Introduction to Basic Feng Shui Techniques to improve the Energy in your home.

*How to clear your home of Toxic Energy Zones (Geopathic stress) and invite the life-giving Chi to flow throughout your home.

*Geomancing the Land for assisting Earth Healing.


The third workshop in the series is only open to those who have completed Levels 1 & 2

*Applying Dowsing as a tool for Personal Growth.

*Learn How to detect disturbances within the human energy field

*How Dowsing can be used for Clearing the Human Energy Field

*Dowsing for and applying Sound Frequencies to the Body with Crystal Singing Bowls.

*Human Energy Dowsing can be applied in many ways to enhance any Healing Modality.