Welcome To Valinor...


In the quiet rural village of Invergowrie, 

near Armidale City, on the Tablelands of the Great Dividing Range in NSW,  

you will find Valinor Sound Sanctuary

if you can find a little time...  

 ...a beautiful peaceful Sanctuary with a lovely country parkland view. The odd Echidna, Magpie, Kookaburra, Parrot & Kangaroo, to name a few!


...Come inside the Garden Sound Sanctuary, you'll experience 

Gentle Soul Soothing Sound Relaxation

An Immersive Journey into Pure Sound Vibrations.

There is Pure Sound Alchemy in there...sounds you have never heard before, but yet sounds that are so familiar...

Bathing in pure sound vibrations, you will leave your worries & cares behind.

Allow us to help lighten the load a little.

You have to experience it for yourself.

It's absolute bliss...

...all you have to do is relax & bathe in the fusion of sounds that are created by our Amazing Crystal Singing Bowls, Beautiful Crystal Gemstone Singing Bowls, Giant Tuned Bar Chimes, Enormous Cosmic Gongs, the Angelic Crystal Lyre, The Mighty Thunder Drum & more...


Welcome to Valinor...


Our next Public Soul Soothing Sound Relaxation weekend is

Saturday 4th May 6pm-9pm



Sunday 5th May 11am-2pm


Includes Supper/Luncheon


*In the past we have hosted our monthly public Sound Spas close to the Full Moon. In 2019 we will be changing this and hosting on the New Moon, or as close to that as possible. This is because the new moon has a greater capacity for healing energies to be received into the body.

Also we are now hosting 2 sessions on one weekend per month. One on the Saturday evening and one the Sunday morning the following day.  Hopefully this will improve your chances of making it along to a session*

Hope this works for you.

Blessed Be 🙂



 For your Body Mind & Soul...there's no other place like Valinor



 "We do not practise to become Enlightened. We practise as an expression of Enlightenment."