Welcome To Valinor...


In the quiet, picturesque rural village of Invergowrie, 

near Armidale City.

On the New England Tablelands of the Great Dividing Range in NSW.  

You will find...


Valinor Sound Sanctuary


If you can find yourself a little time...


Valinor is a Small Boutique Country Day Retreat

We focus on Relaxation and Transformation primarily through the use of Sound in our Mini Retreats.




Dip Your Toes Into Our Offerings... 

Sound Relaxation in the Sound Sanctuary

...An Immersive Sensory Journey into the deeply relaxing sound vibrations created by our beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Gemstone Singing Bowls, enormous resonant Bar Chimes, Cosmic Gongs, the Crystal Lyre & more......it is the equivalent to being bathed and cleansed in pure sound.

Thunder Drum Dreaming in the Lounge

...Dive deep into the mystical world of drum journeying. Allow us to take you on a journey to another time...drift away to another place...by the flickering candlelight and the rhythmic beats. Featuring our soul moving Thunder Drum, Ocean Drum, Rainsticks, Rattles & more....

Home Style Meals in the Dining Area

...Enjoy a delicious and nourishing 2 course Vegetarian Lunch/Supper or Morning/Afternoon Tea to complete your experience. Handmade here at Valinor.

Harmonic Feet Treat in the Rainforest

...Pampering Foot Spa & Foot Massage combined with Personal Sound Treatment in the Secret Rainforest Garden Treatment Room.

Valinor Land Art Project

...You are Welcome to visit while you are here. Its a walk outside...Enter the Moongate. Walk the Spiral Labyrinth. Visit the Stone Circle. Exit the Moongate.





*Regular Sessions Every 2 - 3 Weeks - Maximum of 12 Guests


*Private Sessions for 1 Guest or 2 - and Private Groups of up to 12 Guests 

9am - 7pm - 7 Days 


Take a quick glance below or step over to our Regular Sound Relaxation & Thunder Drum Session page for more information on our next Regular Session.

Visit our Private Sound Relaxation & Thunder Drum Session page to check out which options suit you, or your group.

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Bathed in the pure vibrations of our amazing instruments and our outstanding hospitality, we invite you to leave your worries & cares behind.

Allow us to help lighten the load a little.

You just have to experience it for yourself. It's absolute bliss...





Welcome to Valinor...

Events for remainder of 2023 at a glance.

Please visit our RegularSound Relaxation & Thunder Drum Sessions Page for more info on Events as they draw near ~


Sound Relaxation & Thunder Drum EVENING Sat Nov 4th

 EVENING Sound Relaxation Sat Nov 25th

MORNING  Sound Relaxation Sun Dec 10

Solstice Sound Relaxation & Thunder Drum EVENING  Sat Dec 23rd

*Please note events are subject to change or cancellation




For your Body Mind & Soul...there's no other place like Valinor